Teens Recovery

If you or someone you love is beginning the experience negative consequences to substance use, meeting with a professional recovery counselor may be the best course of action.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Today there are different levels of treatment for alcoholism and addiction. Intensive Outpatient (IOP) is for individuals with moderate to severe substance use disorder without physical withdrawal.  Recovery Resources offers a free consultation to verify suitability for intensive outpatient treatment. 

Outpatient Program

Out Patient treatment is an option for those individuals that are just starting to recognize that the substances they are using are causing discomfort to themselves or the people around them.  This option is considered early intervention.  Outpatient can be delivered in an individual session, small group sessions, or couples and family sessions.  Outpatient is not covered under our contracts with insurance companies.


The goal of Recovery Resources is to liberate individuals, couples, and families from the trauma and emotional pain associated with this disease. We are a LGBTQ + Allied treatment center.


Recovery Resources completes a full bio-psycho-social  assessment to determine the level of care each individual needs prior to making specific recommendations for treatment. It is only through a clear clinical eye that the individual seeking treatment obtains the best level of care possible.

  • DOT Assessments: Department of Transportation mandated assessments are available from Recovery Resources.
  • Since January 1, 2004, DOT assessments must be done by a certified S.A.P (Substance Abuse Professional). Recovery Resources has four certified S.A.P. counselors on staff.
  • Having a license and/or certification to provide alcohol and drug treatment is not an adequate certification to perform a DOT Assessment. To ensure that your assessment meets criteria for federal regulations make sure that the counselor providing the assessment is SAP certified.

DOT referrals: If you have already received a DOT assessment, Recovery Resources can provide the education and/or treatment program required by the referring substance abuse professional.

If you have become chemically dependent, your judgment regarding the seriousness of your condition has no doubt been impaired. In fact, in most cases, the alcoholic or addict is in serious trouble long before he or she begins to wonder if there may be a problem. If you are wondering, there are a few signs and symptoms of chemical dependency that you should be aware of.

Family Support

Alcoholism and drug addiction can have a devastating impact on relationships, children, and families. It is no wonder that substance use disoder is often referred to as “the family disease.” With family education, support groups, and treatment, Recovery Resources can help.  Your family can overcome the many issues that can often block a full recovery for the individual in treatment, and the family members that have been deeply affected by the exposure to this disease.

During COVID-19 and social distancing requirements family sessions are provided in a family session.  Family group sessions with resume once it is safe to resume.  Stay tuned for upcoming Family Groups.

Even if the your loved one needing treatment and struggling with this disease may not enter treatment, you can start the process of healing through counseling and psychotherapy. 

You may be struggling with some of the issues related to this disease without realizing it. If you exhibit some of the attitudes or patterns of behavior listed below you would benefit from the services our agency provides.

We are here to help.  We know that you will have a lot of questions. 
If any are not answered here on this site,

please call us at (559) 625-8176.  We Will be happy to assist you.