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Family Support & Treatment

Alcoholism and drug addiction can have a devastating impact on relationships, children, and families. It is no wonder that substance use disoder is often referred to as "the family disease." With family education, support groups, and treatment, Recovery Resources can help.  Your family can overcome the many issues that can often block a full recovery for the individual in treatment, and the family members that have been deeply affected by the exposure to this disease.

During COVID-19 and social distancing requirements family sessions are provided in a family session.  Family group sessions with resume in December 2020

Although the family member that is struggling with this disease may not enter treatment, you can start the process of healing through counseling and psychotherapy.  You may be struggling with some of the issues related to this disease without realizing it. If you exhibit some of the attitudes or patterns of behavior listed below you would benefit from treatment.


Co-dependency Issues

Co-dependency issues can severely hinder a person's ability to form and maintain meaningful personal relationships. Recovery Resources provides family group sessions for the spouse and family of the patient in recovery.  Individual family sessions can help participants and the family come to a deeper understanding of the complexity of this disease and the effect on the family. Group sessions assist the family in identifying and overcoming the patterns of unhealthy relationships through education and self-exploration.  Meeting other family members during this experience is usually comforting knowing you are not alone. If more significant challenges are present in the family it is recommended that the couple and/or family seek psychotherapy.

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