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Addiction Epidemic?

If you or someone you love is beginning the experience negative consequences to substance use, meeting with a professional recovery counselor may be the best course of action to prevent a more severe problem.
The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)_blog

Almost one-third of individuals who use kratom experience withdrawal symptoms and tolerance, according to a NIDA report. Are you seeing kratom use disorder in your community?

LGBTQI+ Youth_blogarticle

LGBTQI+ Youth – Like All Americans, They Deserve Evidence-Based Care

As a clinical psychologist, academician, and government leader, I have focused on ensuring that mental health care services and policies are culturally responsive,evidence-based and in the best interest of thosereceiving services. Providing timely, appropriate, and evidence-based treatment vastly improves outcomes and canhelp save our young people from suicide ideation and attempts. 


Medical marijuana doesn’t help anxiety and depression and doubles addiction risk, new study finds

Using medical marijuana to treat pain, anxiety and depression failed to improve these symptoms while doubling the risk of developing cannabis use disorder, a new study found.


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