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Although Recovery Resources provides a full bio-psycho-social assessment upon admission, there are various reasons why a person may need an assessment without entering our treatment program.  Assessments are for the purpose of determining the clients treatment needs.

  1. Out of state DUI.  When someone gets a DUI in another state the laws can be very different.  Some states require a full Bio-Psycho-Social Assessment to determine ASAM criteria so that the individual will get the level of care they need.  If you need this type of assessment you must contact the court in the county you obtained the DUI to obtain the requirements to clear your license.  Please bring all the court documents and any other information you have gathered to your assessment appointment.
  2. Many clients are seeking alcohol and drug assessments because of court orders such as child custody or alcohol and drug charges.  Recovery Resources can provide that assessment for you.   All court documents must be brought in for your appointment so that we can provide the type of assessment that the court is requesting. 
  3. DOT (Department of Transportation) SAP (Substance Abuse Professional) assessments must be provided by a nationally certified alcohol and drug association such as NAADAC.

Rick Thompson and Jerri Thompson are NCAC I, CADC II, ICADC and SAP certified to provide a DOT assessment.  There are a number of different certifications that are valid to provide alcohol and drug counseling and treatment however; a SAP assessment can only be provided by a SAP certified counselor to be valid.  If you work in a safety sensitive career such as a truck driver, bus driver, pilot, train conductor, heavy equipment operator or any other job that is regulated by the DOT you are subject to random urine alcohol and drug testing, if you test positive you must stand down from that safety sensitive job until you have been cleared to return to duty by a certified SAP.  Rick and Jerri Thompson have been certified SAP counselors since 1994.

DOT - S.A.P. Assessments

Recovery Resources provides Alcohol and Drug assessments for determining the level of care each individual needs prior to making specific recommendations for treatment. It is only through a clear clinical eye that the individual seeking treatment obtains the best level of care possible.

  • DOT Assessments: Department of Transportation mandated assessments are available from Recovery Resources.
  • Since January 1, 2004, DOT assessments must be done by a certified S.A.P (Substance Abuse Professional). Recovery Resources has two certified S.A.P. counselors on staff.
  • Having a license and/or certification to provide alcohol and drug treatment is not an adequate certification to perform a DOT Assessment. To ensure that your assessment meets criteria for federal regulations make sure that the counselor providing the assessment is SAP certified.

DOT referrals: If you have already received a DOT assessment, Recovery Resources can provide the education and/or treatment program prescribed by the referring substance abuse professional.

If you have become chemically dependent, your judgment regarding the seriousness of your condition has no doubt been impaired. In fact, in most cases, the alcoholic or addict is in serious trouble long before he or she begins to wonder if there may be a problem. If you are wondering, there are a few signs and symptoms of chemical dependency that you should be aware of.

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Jerri Thompson, CADC-II, ICADC, SAP

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Rick Thompson CADC-II, ICADC, SAP