Adolescent Prevention, Counseling, and Athletic Testing Services

Recovery Resources provides early intervention for alcohol and drug abuse to adolescents and their families at our office in Visalia, CA.   It is not uncommon for adolescents to begin to experiment with substance use.   We are aware that in most cases parents are confused about what course of action to take.  Sometimes brief intervention along with family education and counseling the situation can be resolved.  In some cases, we may be uncovering a larger problem.  If your child has been abusing substances it is a good idea to have a professional trained to make an adequate assessment of the problem.

Rick Thompson, NCAC-I, ICADC-II, SAP has been working with adolescents needing recovery since 1990.  Recovery Resources holds his expertise in high regard.  He has an untarnished reputation in the community. 

If the child needs more treatment than we can provide in our facility, we will make the necessary referrals to inpatient treatment.

Common Signs and Symptoms of Adolescent Addiction

  • Change in dress or appearance
  • Unpredictable mood or attitude changes
  • Erratic school performance and attendance
  • "Conning” behaviors
  • Friendships shift from “non-using” to “using” peers
  • Hobbies and extracurricular activities are dropped
  • Angry outbursts
  • Heated family arguments over lifestyle
  • Stealing and lying
  • School failure or expulsion
  • Loss of employment
  • Involvement with police and courts
  • Loss of control
  • Physical deterioration (weight loss, chronic cough, etc.)
  • Mental deterioration (memory loss, flashbacks, etc.)
  • Episodes of paranoia
  • Drug or alcohol use evolving from occasional to chronic daily use

Services Offered

Rick Thompson has worked with adolescents throughout his counseling career and has designed a treatment program specific to the needs of adolescents. Our philosophy in working with adolescents is to work with the client and his/her family to seek solutions to life without the use of mood and mind-altering substances.


Prevention Services are provided onsite at:

Recovery Resources has been providing interventions, education and prevention to students dating back to 1999.  Our agency began working with Exeter Unified School District in 1999 providing education and counseling services to the elementary, middle and high schools.  Our agency continues to provide alcohol and drug intervention and prevention in that school district.

After establishing our standing in the community, we began providing services to Visalia Unified School District.  For 5 years we worked with the Tulare County Department of Education to provide smoking cessation for many of the rural school districts and high schools.  Most recently our agency has continued to move in the direction of alcohol and drug prevention which also included smoking and vaping cessation.  Our services are now being offered in Five school districts.  Tulare Joint Union School District, Dinuba Unified School District, Exeter Unified School District, Visalia Unified School District, and Porterville Unified School District.  As we continue to expand our services into additional school districts we continue to strive for professional, ethical and meaningful services to the staff and students of the school districts we serve.

Our staff is educated, fingerprinted, alcohol and drug screened and trained to work on school campuses and with adolescents.  Many times, our staff participates as a part of the service team at the school sites they serve.  We recognize the teamwork that is necessary to make sure that the students we serve have been given all the options available to them for their success.

As a part of our service our agency continues to collect statistical data to the school sites so they can see the progress and/or success of the program.  The goal is to minimize substance use, improve attendance and retention, improve grades and increase graduations.

Visalia Unified School District:

  • Mt. Whitney High School
  • Golden West High School
  • El Diamante High School
  • Redwood High School
  • Creekside Community Day School
  • VTEC

Tulare Joint Union High School District:

  • Mission Oak High School
  • Tulare Union High School
  • Tulare Western High School
  • Accelerated Charter High School

Dinuba Unified School District:

  • Dinuba High School
  • Washington Intermediate School

Porterville Unified School District:

  • Butterfield Charter High School
  • Vine Street Community Day School

Exeter Unified School District:

  • Exeter High School
  • Kaweah High School
  • Wilson Middle School
  • Community Day School

Athletic Drug Testing

Recovery Resources started providing athletics drug testing to Visalia Unified in 2000.  Although we are not a testing facility, we were approached by head of school nursing to consider taking on this task. After doing the research we felt that this might uncover substance use issues that may be hiding under the surface, so we took on the challenge.  We started with the four comprehensive high schools in Visalia Unified and today we have an athletic alcohol and drug testing program that incorporates counseling services to nine high schools and one middle school.  This program is a highly confidential program.  Only the designated school site administrator is allowed to have access to the random testing list and the results of the tests.  The only time the athletic director is notified is if the student continues to test positive or is not participating in the services offered and therefore has to be removed from roster.

We have assisted in setting up these programs with each school district.  The school district has had the policies reviewed legally and approved through the school board.  Some districts test 4 students per week and some test 15 or more students a week.  Our statistics prove that the districts that test a larger number of students each week have a significantly lower number of positive tests.  Some districts test for a standard alcohol and drug panel such as Alcohol, Opiates, Cocaine, Amphetamine, Methamphetamine, Benzodiazepine, THC (Marijuana) with levels, Barbiturates and ETOH,  ETG - 80 hour alcohol, Opiate, Oxy, Benzo, THC, Cocaine, Amphetamine, Methamphetamine.

If a student tests positive our athletics testing supervisor contacts the designated site administrator to inform him/her about the positive test.  The site administrator contacts the parent.  If the positive test can be ruled out due to an active prescription written to the student.  Once the research has been done the student and the parent sign an agreement to have alcohol and drug education and counseling and additional alcohol and drug testing at no cost to the parent.  The services are used as an intervention to assist the student in being abstinent and to protect the health and safety of the students participating in the athletics program. 

If the student continues to test positive for a substance, he/she may begin to deal with consequences that could result in removal from sports.  The hope is that the student athlete will be motivated to remain abstinent so that they can continue to participate in athletics.

If you are interested in having services in your school district contact our office for additional information.

Assessments and Referrals

Recovery Resources can administer alcohol and drug tests in conjunction with assessments. Staff members are certified and/or licensed to complete assessments and make treatment recommendations. If there is a need to seek a higher level of care in counseling or treatment Recovery Resources will be able to provide referral sources Recovery Resources is not a testing agency. We test clients only in conjunction with assessments or treatment as a therapeutic tool.


Self Assessment

If you have become chemically dependent, your judgment regarding the seriousness of your condition has no doubt been impaired. In fact, in most cases, the alcoholic or addict is in serious trouble long before he or she begins to wonder if there may be a problem. If you are wondering, there are a few signs and symptoms of chemical dependency that you should be aware of.