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About Us

Recovery Resources isn’t just another treatment center; we’re a community built on empathy and expertise. Founded by Rick and Jerri Thompson in 1999, we’ve been fueled by a relentless passion to provide trauma-informed, ethical, and effective treatment for substance abuse and mental health issues. Our ever-expanding services now include outpatient mental health psychotherapy, supported by our team of qualified professionals and in-house medical staff. Contracted with major insurance networks, we make top-notch care both accessible and affordable.

Program Highlights

Program Highlights

Our History

We started with a vision and two dedicated founders. Seeing an unmet need in the recovery community, Rick and Jerri laid the foundation for Recovery Resources. In 2000, we branched out into adolescent prevention, partnering with local schools to combat substance abuse from an early age. From one school district in Tulare County to now five, we’ve also developed specialized programs like safe athletics drug testing. Our growth over the years speaks to the trust and respect we’ve earned, not just among professionals but within the recovering community as well.

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