Recovery Resources mission is to provide quality, ethical services for the treatment of alcoholism, addiction, and mental health.

“Recovery Resources privately owned by Jerri and Rick Thompson since 1999, is the most reliable resource for the treatment of alcohol and drug dependency. I have referred my patients to Recovery Resources for over a decade, trusting the level of experience and professionalism they possess and the collaboration I enjoy.”

Michael Shaffer, LCSW

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Our Story

Recovery Resources was founded on April 1st, 1999 by Rick and Jerri Thompson. They were not strangers to recovery. At the time Rick and Jerri created Recovery Resources, each of


How do I know if I need Inpatient or outpatient?

If you are experiencing withdrawal symptoms.  Some medications require medically-monitored detoxification. During your consultation appointment, one of our trained counselors will be able to assist in making that determination. If you need a higher level of care we will assist you in finding a suitable program.

Why do people need inpatient treatment?

Some individuals live alone or with someone that continues to drink or use substances.  If you do not live in a safe environment it is usually best to be in an inpatient program and return home better equipped, both mentally and physically, to deal with situations at home.  It is also recommended that a patient step-down from inpatient to an outpatient program upon discharge.

Why do people need detoxification?

Any patient that is physically dependent on any substance will most likely need a medically-monitored detoxification in order to cope with the withdrawal symptoms associated with stopping the abuse of drugs and alcohol.

How much does treatment cost?

Standard cost for IOP treatment is $6600.00 however we have many contracts with insurance companies that offer a reduced rate, and in some cases, covers treatment in its entirety.  During the consultation we will verify your benefits and provide you with a financial estimate.

We are here to help.  We know that you will have a lot of questions. 
If any are not answered here on this site,

please call us at (559) 625-8176.  We Will be happy to assist you.

Recovery Resources

Recovery Resources

Recovery Resources

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