Adolescent Services

Adolescents will normally be very secretive about their initial experimentation with alcohol or drugs; however, there are definite signs and symptoms to look for if you suspect your child is developing a drug or alcohol problem.


Prevention Services

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  • Exeter Unified
  • Dinuba Unified

Athletics Testing Program

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Intensive Outpatient

  • Individual Sessions
  • Family Sessions
  • Group Sessions

Self Assessment

Check off any of the following signs or symptoms of Adolescent Addiction that you may be aware of:

 Change in dress or appearance

 Unpredictable mood or attitude changes

 Erratic school performance and attendance

 Grades are dropping

 Cutting class

 School failure or expulsion

 Manipulative behaviors

 Angry outburst

 Friendships shift from “non-using” to “using” peers

 Involvement with police and courts

 Drug or alcohol use evolving from occasional to chronic daily use

 Your alcohol bottles are disappearing

 Hollowed out ink pens

 Burned foil

 Broken light bulbs

 Stained or burned fingers

 Hobbies and extracurricular activities are dropped

 Strong chemical smell on your child’s clothing

 Your prescriptions are disappearing or your running out before it is time to refill

 Loss of control

 Physical deterioration (weight loss, chronic cough, etc.)

 Mental deterioration (memory loss, flashbacks, etc.)

 Episodes of paranoia

 Heated family arguments over lifestyle

 Stealing and lying

 Loss of employment

If you have checked 5 or more of the above signs/symptoms, fill out the below form to schedule a free private consultation with one of our certified counselors

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What can we help you with?

Rick Thompson has worked with adolescents throughout his counseling career and has designed a treatment program specific to the needs of adolescents. Our philosophy in working with adolescents is to work with the client and his/her family to seek solutions to life without the use of mood and mind altering substances.

Although it may be difficult to comprehend alcoholism and addiction as a brain disease.  It is most important to arrest this disease as soon as possible especially in adolescents because their brain is still developing until the age of 24.

The use of any mood or mind altering substance can cause permanent damage at a crucial time in your child’s life.  We look at Alcoholism and/or Addiction as the primary problem so if your child is struggling with depression, anxiety, anger issues, attention deficits, medical or behavioral challenges addressing alcohol and/or drug use is imperative to a healthy future.

We understand that many adolescents are abusing marijuana and because of recent political agendas it may seem that the use of marijuana is a benign drug.  To the contrary the marijuana of today is a highly addictive psychoactive drug.  The THC in marijuana has quadrupled since 1970 and with the use of Dabs and Wax the THC levels are between 85-95% pure causing psychotic breaks and severe brain dysfunction.

Education and Prevention

In addition to private substance abuse treatment for adolescents, Recovery Resources provides substance abuse prevention education and interventions through counseling designed for adolescents on site at many schools in Tulare County. We also provide brief counseling and educational experiences to clients that present with beginning experimentation of substances in our facility in Visalia.